The Company

Interseas offers customized services to its clients performing in the international market. We manage procedures involving the entire logistics chain with responsibility, ethics and commitment, providing security and smooth operations to our clients.

Intelligence in foreign trade and a full understanding of customs engineering procedures allow for total reliability, which makes Interseas an all-in-one company, that is, a single company managing all your import-export services.

Since 2000, the Company has performed as a facilitator in the excessive bureaucratic procedures and the vast legislation of the sector, providing complete operational success for our clients. The knowhow acquired since its foundation, makes Interseas a reference in the segment of global process management and solidifies the relationship with clients of many different sizes and sectors.


Do you want better results from your import/export operations?

Main Services

  • Global Process Management

    Interseas plans and executes all the hiring and operationalization of intervenient factors and services in the import/export processes of your business. The competitive edge of our service is in the practice of establishing clear logistics with suppliers which allows for effective cost management, effective emission of documents and increased productivity and reliability at every step. Interseas specializes in door-to-door processes, acting at every stage of the operation until cargo delivery at its final destination.
  • Ship Chartering

    Special Projects involving large cargo volumes. Due to their peculiarities, all legislation and procedures are differentiated. This service may include a study on the whole logistics of the chartering project as well as anticipated customs clearance for the direct unloading of the ship.
  • Customs Clearance

    At ports, airports and dry/inland ports.
  • Technical Consultancy

    Technical reports on operational costs and bureaucratic procedures for the viability of import/export processes, avoiding sanctions and pending matters from controlling organs. Support on tariff classification of goods, analysis and eligibility for international agreements that may benefit the operation. Issuing of drafts, export documentation, import licenses and legalization of documents at embassies and consulates.
  • Temporary Admission

    Import processes with tariff suspension for specific purposes according to customs regulations for a previously determined period (e.g. fairs and expositions) with proportional tax payment.
  • Integrated Logistics

    Integration of processes beyond operational matters in order to generate better results with strategic vision. Hiring of proper logistics, freight and insurance.


  • Customs Engineering

    Work methodology focused on analysis and problem prevention, process and project management, risk analysis and performance indicators with emphasis on compliance. In institutional and corporate environments, compliance is a set of disciplines to enforce legal regulations, policy and directives established for the sector and for the activities of your company or institution, and to avoid, detect and solve any deviation or unconformity that may occur.
  • Radar System

    Synergy between port operations and cargo management. Interseas provides consultancy services on the eligibility of companies at the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office. In case your company is not registered at the Radar System, we will not be able to custom clear your cargo.
  • Trading

    Import operations with ICMS tax benefit granted by the State of Santa Catarina.

    Support to register sales and purchase services internationally.
  • Tax Reduction

    Reduction of tariffs for importing value added capital goods not available in Brazil.
  • Process Management System

    An online tool for management and follow up on your operations.